How To Earn Money?

How To Earn Money On social Media. Get paid by liking or following facebook, twitter and other social media pages.

Cash Just For Liking Pages - How Is It Possible?

The wide global social reach of facebook, twitter and other social media's have made them an important promotional media. So, the businessmen are looking for fast ways to build their social profiles by increasing fans for their product, service and brand pages - and they are willing to PAY FOR FANS, it's that simple!

You need only a Facebook profile and a Payza account (or just a bank account) and you can get started making money RIGHT AWAY. No registration fee and no scam. Just signup (free) on our website, and start liking advertisers pages.

The advertiser sets the value of their fan like or share offer, which varies from page to page. It doesn't take long to build up those Likes to a nice pay out (only $10 payout threshold Or US $100 if transfer is to a bank account).

How It Works?

To start take following steps;
  • -Signup the website
  • -Sign-in with your password and login.
  • -Select a category under the heading 'Earn Coins'. Here you choose, you want to like facebook pages, share facebook pages or select another social media website.
  • -Click on a thubmnail displayed on next page. Like the facebook page. Close The page.
  • -You will get the points. Click Next thumbnail. You can refresh the page to view more thumbnails.
  • -After liking or sharing 30 pages, you will get 100 points(coins) as sign-up bonus with points whatever you earned by liking.
There are more ways to earn points (also known as coins). If you like or share 30 pages, you can get a daily bonus of 150 points (or coins).The link for daily bonus is on top of the page after login. Also we have a generous referral program, which gives 250 points (coins) for each referral. Details are given below.

Collect the coins (or points) till you like. You can add your own Facebook page(s), Twitter, Google plus or any other social media page(s) and offer other members to like or follow against points you fix. Or you can redeem your points in to cash. See below 'How To Convert Points To Money '. You can also transfer points to any other members account (10% of points will be deducted as charges).

How To Get Affiliate ID and Banners?

When you sign-in to your account, you will see in center of page ' Affiliate URL' The URL given under this is your affiliate URL. You can add it in any mail or any place or on your blog. You will get 250 coins(points) for each referral (person who Joins free by clicking your affiliate link). Each member gets affiliate ID automatically, there is no separate affiliate sign-up page.

You can get a banner to paste in your emails, website or blog or in any auto surf program or classified directory. To get the banner code click on 'affiliate' on top of first page after sin-in. At the end of page, you will find html code. You can earn much money by advertising banner with your affiliate ID. You will also earn 20% of the money that your referral spends on our website.
Please note To receive commission, your referral must complete at least 10 exchanges at our website.

How To Convert Points(Coins) To Money?

If you decide to convert your points (coins) in to cash, you can convert them to money. After sign-in click on 'Affiliate' link on top of the page. On next page you will find links to convert coins in to money and withdraw money. You can with draw money by entering amount and clicking on button 'withdraw money'.

If there ia another question or you need a help, then feel free to contact us.